Our family takes great pride in the natural beef we raise ourselves. Holding true to our passion for raising the animals without hormones, antibiotics, and all other additives between the lines, we carry that philosophy into our jerky. We have all heard the benefits of natural beef jerky; however, true natural beef jerky that is also fresh is hard to find. That’s why we decided to produce The True Natural Brandt Beef Jerky - a pure clean product to begin with and a delicious healthy snack to savor. You’ll know the difference because you can taste the difference.

Brandt Beef Jerky makes a great gift for those that desire a nutritious snack on the go, and is a perfect stocking stuffer for all ages. From your favorite outdoor activity to running errands, our jerky provides the perfect low fat protein boost without all of those ingredients we don’t even know how to pronounce. We hope you enjoy these delicious strips of beef and come to love our jerky as much as we do. Provide your loved ones with nothing less than the best - make Brandt Beef Beef Jerky a tradition in your family today. 

Each package contains 3 solid oz. (85g) of delicious strips of natural beef jerky packaged in the finest materials to preserve the flavor and last for an extended period of time. Our jerky is Gluten free, Hormone free, Antibiotic free, with no added MSG, Nitrates or Nitrites. You can purchase Brandt Beef Jerky in 2 convenient package quantities; the five-pack which delivers plenty of food and flavor for even those with the biggest appetite, or an entire case of 25 bags for the serious beef jerky lovers out there.

From our family to yours,
Eric Brandt

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