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The Brandt Family's commitment to producing all-natural, source verified, award-winning beef is valued by the most discerning customers–from Michelin-rated restaurants in New York, specialty shops in California, to our customers' doorsteps. And now, we bring directly to you Brandt Beef Jerky. Gourmet, convenient slices of protein nourishment, produced in Southern California, using hand-selected premium cuts only, with quality and transparency verified all the way to the source. Because we are the source.

The True Natural

Gluten Free

No Added Hormones

Free of Artificial Preservatives

No Added Antibiotics

No Added Nitrates or Nitrites

Know The Difference. Taste The Difference.

Our family takes great pride in the natural beef we raise ourselves. Holding true to our principles, we raise the animals without hormones, antibiotics, or any other additives. This philosophy naturally extends to our gourmet jerky, and we take great care to ensure our natural beef jerky not only meets but exceeds expectations. This is why we call it the True Natural™ – you'll know the difference because you can taste the difference.

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How to Make Brandt Jerky

    Stick to the basics with a Jerky that is far from basic.

      Premium Cuts of Beef

      Sourced exclusively from Brandt Beef

      Wholesome Ingredients

      100% all-natural

      True Fuel

      Up to 27 grams of protein per bag

      Can't decide on just one flavor?

      Try our Variety Pack!

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