From our Family to Yours

What Makes Brandt Beef Jerky The True Natural?

Our family takes great pride in the natural beef we raise ourselves. Holding true to our principles, we raise the animals without hormones, antibiotics, or any other additives. This philosophy naturally extends to our gourmet jerky, and we take great care to ensure our natural beef jerky not only meets but exceeds expectations. This is why we call it the True Natural™ you’ll know the difference because you can taste the difference.

The True Natural™ Brandt Beef Jerky is as wholesome as the ingredients that go into it: we use the finest cuts of beef and source simple, natural seasonings to make a delicious and healthy source of nourishment. Our jerky is an ideal fit for a low-fat protein boost, satisfying snack, or just a savory simple pleasure–cut and packaged to fit conveniently into your unique lifestyle. Our jerky has three generations worth of practice, passion, and perfection–so that we can bring you the best jerky we can make. We hope you come to love our jerky as much as we do.

From our family to yours,

Eric Brandt

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